Your Daily Cruise Activity Schedule

2014-01-30_10-04-54On Carnival they’re called Fun Times, on Royal Caribbean they’re called the Cruise Compass, on Princess they’re called the Princess Patter, on MSC they’re just called Daily Program.  Whatever they’re called on your cruise, they are your daily guides, in the form of a newsletter, to what’s happening on your cruise.

They’re usually dropped off in your cabin every day in the early evening when your room steward cleans your room and does the turndown service.  Some cruise lines, Royal Caribbean for one, only provide it once at the beginning of the cruise but it includes information for the entire cruise.  They allow you to plan how you will spend your time on your cruise and flipping through the pages of one of these newsletters makes you realize just how much there is to do on a cruise ship.

They include all kinds of great information such as:

1) The day number for your cruise and the date

2) The port you’ll be docked in for the day, the time you dock (or tender), the time you leave port, and information on the port like shopping and things to do

3) The weather forecast

4) The times for sunrise and sunset

5) A list of all your ship’s officers

6) A list of all the activities planned for the day and the time and location they take place.  There may also be some detailed articles on special activities such as art auctions, the evening’s show, comedy clubs, etc.

7) The times and locations of all the places you can eat for the day

8) The menu in the dining room and whether it’s a formal night or casual dress

9) Special offers for the day for things such as the spa, exercise classes, shopping onboard, etc.

10) The business hours for places such as the spa, fitness center, shore excursion desk, future cruise sales desk, customer service, dance clubs and bars, etc.

11) Other important information you may need to know like lifeboat drills, disembarkation procedures, where you can smoke on the ship, the location and times for the doctor’s office, etc.

We always look forward to getting our daily newsletter each night and browsing through the next day’s activities.  We bring a highlighter pen with us on our cruises so we can mark the things we want to do for the day and carry the list of activities with us so we can have it for reference.  Some people even save them as a free souvenir since they show everything that each day had to offer on your vacation.

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