Towel Animals

Towel-AnimalsOn some cruise lines a curious thing happens in the early evening.  You’ve been out and about on the ship doing your thing, eating, socializing, seeing a show, and you come back to your stateroom and notice something peculiar.  Your stateroom has a new visitor, usually sitting on the bed waiting for your return.  There staring up at you innocently is a towel animal.

This member of the terry cloth zoo is the creation of your room steward, and there are many, many different animals you could come across over your stay on the cruise ship.  We’re talking elephants, several types of dogs, swans, pigs, monkeys and gorillas, lobsters, walruses, scorpions, crabs, rabbits, ducks, frogs, and the list goes on and on.

When you’re on a cruise where these critters appear, you look forward to seeing who will turn up each night in your room.

Carnival was apparently the first cruise line to start the towel animal craze over 20 years ago.  Today, Holland America, Norwegian, Disney, and Royal Caribbean are also doing them.

We were first introduced to towel animals on our Alaska cruise with Carnival back in 2009.  We knew nothing about towel animals and our first night we came back to our little surprise waiting for us and every since we’ve been hooked.  Chances are that you are too, because these little creations are quite popular with the passengers.  So much so that Carnival actually has a book (pictured above) you can buy that shows how to make 40 different types of these creature.  In fact, Carnival reported sells 40,000 of these books per year!  You can find a link to this book on our Shopping page.

Some cruise lines, especially Carnival, offer a class in folding these animals as one of its onboard activities.  We attended the class on our Alaska cruise and learned how to make an elephant.

Whoever originally came up with these little guys had an amazing creativity and imagination.  It’s amazing all the different types of animals you can make with just a couple towels.

Check out this website that offers videos on how to create towel animals: Folding Magic


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