Semester At Sea Celebrating 50th Anniversary

The Semester At Sea program is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014 and offering an around the world cruise from San Diego California and ending in Southampton England for its January semester.  The cruise is 112 days, visiting 16 cities in 12 countries, all while giving the students aboard an education and an amazing experience.

The program is sponsored by the University of Virginia and offers students up to 75 courses to pick from in several fields of study.  The Semester At Sea program has these cruises every semester (including the summer) so the courses offered vary by the time of year and where the ship actually travels to that semester.

Courses are offered in Anthropology, Art, Astronomy, Intercultural Communications, International Marketing, Acting, Poetry, Travel Writing, Ecology, Geography, Psychology, Religions of the World, Spanish, and many more, and give the student college credits when complete.  Field labs are required for each course.

The ship is the MV Explorer capable of carrying 836 passengers, of which up to 720 are students.  The admission price basically includes everything, your tuition, your cabin, all meals aboard the ship, and field lab fees.  The summer semester starts at just under $14,000 and is cheaper than the fall/spring semesters, which start at just under $24,000.

Here is the itinerary for the 50th anniversary semester:

The ship leaves San Diego California on January 10th with stops in

–       Hilo Hawaii

–       Yokohama Japan

–       Kobe Japan

–       Shanghai China

–       Hong Kong

–       Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

–       Singapore

–       Rangoon Burma

–       Cochin India

–       Port Louis Mauritius

–       Cape Town South Africa

–       Tema (Accra) Ghana

–       Takoradi Ghana

–       Casablanca Morocco

and ending in Southampton England on May 2.

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