How We Got Started Cruising


Our first cruise was in November 1996, a 3-night cruise from Port Canaveral Florida to the Bahamas on Premier’s Big Red Boat.  Premier eventually went out of business in the year 2000 due to financial troubles.

The first day we went to Freeport on the island of Grand Bahama.  Because the island is very small, there wasn’t a whole lot to do there so we just did a little shopping and walking around.

The second day we visited Nassau which was much more interesting.  The streets were lined with vendors, as you’ll find in many ports of call when cruising, and we took an enjoyable island limousine tour for several hours that took us to a couple forts, a rum distillery, and around the town of Nassau.

By today’s standards, the Premier ships were quite small and they didn’t offer the around-the-clock buffets like the cruise lines do nowadays. The cruise had no evening shows and had only one band that played reggae music sporadically on deck for the 3 days.  I think the ship did have a casino and one pool.

This was also the days before many ships had stabilizers to ease the motion of the ocean and, on our last night, we hit some bumpy seas on the whole ride back to Florida and we both got seasick.  Needless to say that tainted our opinion of cruising, especially since this was our first cruise, and because of that, we didn’t take another cruise until 2009 when we did the Alaska Inside Passage from Whittier to Vancouver. We absolutely loved it and have been hooked ever since.

Since then, we’ve taken several more cruises including New England/Canada, several in the Caribbean and the Pacific Coast.  We now find that within a couple months after returning from a cruise we start getting “itchy” to get back out there on another trip.  We have two more already booked for 2014 with another cruise in the planning stage for Spring 2015.

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