Cruises to Nowhere

cruise to nowhereWhen you go on a cruise, just about every itinerary includes one or more “days at sea” or ”sea days” where you’re not in port, you’re just sailing in the open waters heading to your next port.  If you’re the type of person that loves these sea days, then you may want to consider taking a “cruise to nowhere”.

Some cruise lines offer these “cruises to nowhere” a few times a year for people who just want a short getaway with no destination in mind, for people who don’t really care about stopping at ports and going ashore, and for travelers looking for a cheaper option when booking.

Because the cruises are only one to three nights, they are a great option for a quick and cheaper getaway that won’t cut too deep into your vacation days at work, or your wallet, and you still get all the great food and entertainment of a longer cruise.

You save a great deal of money due to the shorter length of the cruise and the absence of port charges.  It’s a great way to get away from it all for a few days and relax or, if you’d rather, live it up!

Currently Norwegian offers a cruise to nowhere most often throughout the year, followed by MSC, Royal Caribbean, and Disney.

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